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Welcome to Villa Paradiso

Welcome to our villa that we have managed for over forty years, our family have worked in tourism for generations.

The Surroundings

Villa Paradiso is located 100 meters above sea level, includes private parking and is within walking distance to the beach and the old town of Verezzi. If you prefer to avoid traffic you’ll get there in a few minutes via the pedestrian shortcuts, or you can take a bus that runs throughout the day.

The Rooms

Each of our cozy rooms are uniquely furnished, have a private bathroom and a wonderful view of the sea.

Our Garden

Here you will not find the formalities and anonymity of a big hotel. We offer you the peace and tranquility of a house immersed in its gardens in the green hills of Borgio Verezzi, where youll enjoy day and night a panoramic view of the Gulf.

For information and reservations:
Via N. Sauro, 172 Borgio Verezzi
+39 019 610622